About ITNews Rwanda

ITNews Rwanda is Rwanda’s first and premier source of Information
Communication Technology (ICT) bringing intelligent information for
investment and business opportunities.
ITNews Rwanda is accessible via the web at www.itnewsrwanda.co.rw, and via
mobile devices.
ITNews Rwanda boasts industrial expertise backed by innovative technology
to disseminate news aimed at developing the country's ICT industry,
finance, energy and tourism.
ITNews Rwanda has widest media partnership in Africa with the continent's
leading Pan African news agencies such as CAJ News Africa (Centre for
African Journalists) and African Press Association (APA) which
re-distribute and promotes news from Rwanda through key continental and
international media houses.
ITNews Rwanda has become known as the platform where advertisers, public
relations professionals, companies and individuals meet vibrant Rwandan
and East African business communities.
Almost all ICT companies in Rwanda, about nine out of ten
business-to-business marketers in this country use content marketing
regardless of company size or industry.
To use consistently, an ITNews Rwanda Press office is the most cost
effective and professional way to build a high profile online reputation.
ITNews Rwanda aims to distribute organisations’ and views from opinion
leaders to an audience of more than 3.5 million website readers, 5 million
page views, 100, 000 daily and 1, 500 000 weekly newsletter subscribers.